LMIWBEM is a Python library that performs CIM operations using CIM-XML protocol. The library tries to mimic PyWBEM, but does things in different way:

  • TOG-Pegasus client’s library is used for communication
  • lazy evaluation of CIM objects is used
  • some minor API was added for performance reasons

Benefits of the library:

  • Performance – Using TOG-Pegasus client’s library, Boost::Python and C++ STL, CIM operations are executed faster (e.g. ~60% faster Instance enumeration compared to PyWBEM).

    NOTE: performance gain depends on CIM operation; there are CIM operations where the percentage is even higher.

  • Memory – Using PyWBEM, the Python’s interpreter can eat up several GB of memory. In LMIWBEM, C++ allocator for CIM objects is used and unnecessary memory blocks are properly freed and returned to OS. Lazy evaluation (construction) of nested objects helps to perform CIM operations faster and Python does not use additional space for such objects unless it’s necessary.


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